Pixel Art Showcase: Awesome Art by Awesome Artists / by Matthew Marchitto

I really love pixel art. And there are a lot of artists that are just so dang good at it. So I wanted to share some awesome art I found around the web because it's awesome.

Links to the artists are below each image.  

I'm still experimenting with this blog, so I don't know if I'll do another one of these. If you check out my tumblr you'll see that it's basically filled with art (in a secret deep down place I wanted to be an artists but never pursued it). I really do enjoy trying to spread the art of talented folks, and maybe give them a little bump to their followings (and a few extra commissions). A lot of work goes into these, and I think they deserve some attention for that work.  

I won't share anything unless I know who made it and can link back to them (and if I ever get it wrong please let me know). So let me know if you think I should keep showcasing awesome art by awesome artists.