A Brief Update / by Matthew Marchitto

A while ago I mentioned that I was working on a new series called the Investigative Privateers. Book one, The Horned Scarab, was suppose to come out late October (hah--hah). Obviously that hasn’t happened, and for the moment it has been postponed until early 2016. I had misjudged my budget, as well as the conversion from CAD to USD (ouch btw), which is why the novella hasn’t come out yet. The story has been written from beginning to end, it just needs a thorough polishing. It’ll still be a while. 

In videogame news, I finally finished the Witcher 2, and will probably yammer on about it next week. This weekend I started playing Brutal Legend again. As such my brain has been filled with things of chrome and fire and the heaviest of metals. It’ll probably be the subject of another post down the line, since I really enjoy the game and think it deserves a little more love. 

Since I’ve been letting the Horned Scarab steep until it's further edited, I’ve been working on an a short story along with some worldbuilding. This world has orcs, elves, and gnomes. I’ve been working on their origins, as well as the magic systems and the general political/social climate of the world. The short story features a half-orc, gnomes, a talking tree, and kobolds. It’s pretty great. 

I’ve been looking into setting up a newsletter. Not the spammy kind, but the once every couple of months or whenever a new thing is out kind. I’m still figuring out the logistics of how that’d work. I’ve never helmed a newsletter before, and as is probably evident, I have no idea what I’m doing. Ideally it’ll be all setup for the new year. 

You can always follow me one twitter to see what's up or poke me or tell me what your favourite kind of hellish beast is.