E3 2017 – Highlighting some of the Smaller Games / by Matthew Marchitto

E3 had some awesome announcements this year. Stuff like Assassin’s Creed Origins, God of War, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, a Beyond Good and Evil 2 cinematic, and a weirdly good looking Mario + Rabbids tactical RPG.

But, there were a lot of other awesome games that are flying under the radar. So, setting aside all the big announcements, I’d like to highlight some cool games that aren’t getting much attention.



Tunic is an adorable yet whimsical top-down action game. I really dig the aesthetic of this one, mixing retro Zelda with a new slathering of paint. The combat looks to have a targeting mechanic, which can add a lot to this kind of top-down game. There seems to be an emphasis on dodging and doing combos. We’ll have to wait and see how it all comes together, but this is definitely one of the standouts.


A Plague Tale: Innocence

This is more like a teaser. The setting of medieval France beset by a plague of rats is intriguing. From this trailer, it seems like you’ll have to manage your light source to keep the hungry little critters from munching on your face.

Read an extended gameplay impression here.



Attack on Titan meets giant ogres? Yes please. The look and themes are really cool, but it’s the gameplay that shines here. The movement reminds me of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, but mixed with tactical dismemberment. Extinction has a lot of potential, and I'm really excited to see where it goes.


Unto the End

Another World meets Shank with a dollop of Banner Saga, Unto the End might’ve been my favourite trailer out of E3. From the trailer, the combat seems meticulous with an emphasis on defense while biding your time. But what really pulled me in was the sense of quiet, how the environments felt like they had room to breathe while you silently wander the wilderness. I got the sense it’ll start out ordinary, and as the game progresses the insanity is going to ramp up. I’m very excited to see how this one turns out.

Read more about Unto the End here.

What games shown at E3 are you most excited about?