FlashFic Challenge: Demontopia (Time Travel + Comic Fantasy) by Matthew Marchitto

Chuck Wendig challenged his readers to try and mash two random genres together. The only limitation that the story be 2,000 words. Mine happened to be Time Travel and Comic Fantasy. In theory this should be a juicy match with a plethora of potential goodness, but I struggled with it. I don't know much about comic fantasy, so I did my best to channel a tiny bit of Discworld since that's the only reference I have. 

But anyway, let me present...

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Flash Fiction Challenge (Choose Your Title Edition): Showdown at Evermore by Matthew Marchitto

This week Chuck Wendig's Flash Fiction Challenge was to choose someone else's title and run with it. Last week folks came up with about 400 titles. Sleuthing through all the golden nuggets I came across one that spoke to me. JQ Davis's Showdown at Evermore. This story ended up short, being just under 400 words. Last challenge I felt like The Coralhound Queens had too much story packed into it, now I wonder if Showdown at Evermore doesn't have enough? I'm still trying to figure out the magic flash fiction formula. One day, I'll get it.  


Showdown at Evermore 

Rognos crawled over the bodies of his companions. I have to find her. The Dreggs swung serrated swords and hurled obsidian spears. Their stony countenance and glowing sapphire eyes showed no emotion as they cut down human after human.  

Rognos couldn’t feel his legs. He couldn’t feel his fingertips digging into the blood soiled earth. 

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Flash Fiction Challenge (Space Opera Edition): The Coralhound Queens by Matthew Marchitto

This story was written for Chuck Wendig's flash fiction challenge over on his terribleminds blog. The only stipulation that it be 1000 words of space opera. I couldn't resist trying to squeeze a space epic out of my brain place. I may have tried to pack in too much story. Still, I like the characters and the world. A bit more time in the editing grinder might have done it some good, but I'm still pretty happy with it. Here's my attempt at (a little over) 1000 words of space opera. 

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