Three Stories About Ghosts is OUT TODAY by Matthew Marchitto

Art by Sam Gretton

Art by Sam Gretton


Three standalone novellas, telling three chilling ghost stories, by three of the finest new voices in fiction.

A full-time medium and part-time cook is recruited by the nightmarish Boneman to hunt down and destroy a monster...

Two children of warring houses, in a city-state ruled by the noble houses long-dead ancestors, fall in love...

In a hidden college in America, a man and the shade of his wife seek out the answers behind her death...



*rings bell*

*bangs drum*

*throws lamp out of window*

My novella, The Boneman, is one of the three stories in this anthology. This has been a long time in the making, I submitted The Boneman to Abaddon’s open submission call way back in 2017. And now it’s finally coming out and I’m super excited for folks to get a chance to read it (and also a little terrified).

I’m honoured to be sharing space with fellow authors Martin Hall and Ali Nouraei. Both Martin Hall’s Unmasked and Ali Nouraei’s Magistra Trevelyan are phenomenal stories.

And a special thanks is necessary for all the folks at Rebellion who saw potential in my weird story filled with flayed flesh and boiling pustules.

Go! Purchase the thing! Inscribe all the reviews! Bequeath unto us thy stars!

Goodreads Giveaway: Moon Breaker by Matthew Marchitto


Moon Breaker is up for grabs over at Goodreads. Enter the giveaway for a chance to win a paperback copy of the prehistoric novella. The giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada, and it'll run for 30 days.

If you've been curious about the kind of stuff I write, this is a good opportunity to jump on-board at no cost.

EDIT (October 11, 2017): The giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Goodreads Giveaway: The Horned Scarab by Matthew Marchitto

The Horned Scarab is up for grabs over at Goodreads. If you have a Goodreads account you can enter for a chance to win one of two paperback copies. The giveaway is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. 

If you've been curious about my work, this is a dang good way to job on board at no cost.

Edit (April 23, 2017): The giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!

The Horned Scarab - Out Now! by Matthew Marchitto

Ghorad-Gha, once magnificent city of clay and bronze, crumbles. Those prosperous few burden the shoulders of the downtrodden. In a city of forgotten glory, the lawless thrive. 

A monk turns up dead, and Arn is determined to find out why. Along with his stone skinned companion, Rohqim, they'll be dragged deep into Ghorad-Gha's underbelly, where the Horned Scarab reigns.

The Horned Scarab, a fantasy novella set in a prolonged bronze age, is now released for purchase. It's the first part in The Investigative Privateers series. It follows Arn and Rohqim as they investigate a murder and get dragged into a much bigger conflict. 

You can buy it now at: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo.

Add it on Goodreads.

Read the first chapter here.

Moon Breaker Paperback by Matthew Marchitto

Moon Breaker now has a nifty paperback version. The interior was done by expert format-smith Skyla Dawn Cameron, and the cover illustration was done by the supremely talented Marek Jarocki. I had tried experimenting with the layout and cover on my own and botched it in magnificent ways. That’s when I decided it was best to reach out to a couple of folks who actually know what they’re doing. The result is a very professional looking paperback that I think could be nestled on the shelves of brick and mortar stores.

Pickup a copy through the eStore, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Below are some pictures taken with my potato-phone.

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