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Camp NaNoWriMo and the Mighty Newsletter by Matthew Marchitto

Camp NaNoWriMo turned out to be a success. I’d pledged to write 20,500 words, and I hit that goal plus 55 extra words.

The project was the sequel to The Horned Scarab, tentatively titled The Underbelly War. I had already written 10,000 words of the rough draft, and wanted to use Camp NaNo to spur me on to finishing it. I’d guesstimated that the story would only need 30,000 words to tell, but I’d been wrong. Looking at the rough draft and all the dangling plot threads, I’d think it needs another 20,000 words before it’s a complete (albeit rough) story.

I don’t know when it’ll get those extra words. As I’ve said on here and on my twitter, The Underbelly War is unlikely to see the light of day. The Horned Scarab just didn’t make enough to justify the expense of self-publishing a sequel. So for now, I’ve written 30,000 words of it—including some rough endings—and made a ton of notes for whenever (if) I return to it.

In its place I’ve been working on submissions for shorter works, but I’m going to devote the majority of my writing time to finishing a full length novel. Once done, I plan on shopping it around to be traditionally published. Wish me luck.


The Mighty Newsletter

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Goodreads Giveaway: The Horned Scarab by Matthew Marchitto

The Horned Scarab is up for grabs over at Goodreads. If you have a Goodreads account you can enter for a chance to win one of two paperback copies. The giveaway is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. 

If you've been curious about my work, this is a dang good way to job on board at no cost.

Edit (April 23, 2017): The giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!

The Horned Scarab - Out Now! by Matthew Marchitto

Ghorad-Gha, once magnificent city of clay and bronze, crumbles. Those prosperous few burden the shoulders of the downtrodden. In a city of forgotten glory, the lawless thrive. 

A monk turns up dead, and Arn is determined to find out why. Along with his stone skinned companion, Rohqim, they'll be dragged deep into Ghorad-Gha's underbelly, where the Horned Scarab reigns.

The Horned Scarab, a fantasy novella set in a prolonged bronze age, is now released for purchase. It's the first part in The Investigative Privateers series. It follows Arn and Rohqim as they investigate a murder and get dragged into a much bigger conflict. 

You can buy it now at: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo.

Add it on Goodreads.

Read the first chapter here.

Editing The Horned Scarab by Matthew Marchitto

The Horned Scarab is a fantasy novella set in a prolonged bronze age. It follows two self-titled Investigative Privateers in the river city Ghorad-Gha.  

There are a few different types of magic, but the main one is Channelling. Channellers can call on the power of the Nvir, a mysterious cosmic force, and create powerful blasts of white-hot energy. If they try to channel too much at once, then the Nvir will essentially overload them and they’ll turn to a crispy pile of not-alive. This is the power that the main character, Arn, has. Note: Names, terms, and details are all subject to change throughout the editing process.

That’s probably as brief as it gets, but I don’t want to detail everything right now.  

This is the novella that I took a month off from. I was having some difficulty with the plot, and rereading it now I still think there’s a good amount of work to be done. I had hoped for a late October release, but it might edge up into an early winter depending on how long the edits take.

I have to focus on getting the story, plot, and characters right. As the editing goes on I’ll make a few more posts detailing certain aspects of the world. For now, I’m going to stare at the manuscript and smash my head against the keyboard until it transmogrifies into something good. 

In Other News: I’ve been posting a blog twice a week, but I’m starting to think that’s a bit much. So, for awhile I’m going to try posting once a week on Mondays. This way there’ll be more time to work on each post since I won’t have to churn them out so quickly.